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Bonding is an alternative to veneers, and can be used as a corrective treatment for teeth that are broken, fractured, stained or misaligned.

Tell me how it works

The tooth is prepared for the treatment by lightly engraving the surface as well as applying a bonding fluid. As soon as the liquid sets, a plastic material is used and sculpted into the preferred form by the dental professional. Once set, the material is trimmed, smoothed as well as polished to a natural appearance.

Factors to Consider

The bonding treatment can usually be completed in a single visit, as well as could improve the look of a tooth substantially. Nonetheless, because the plastic resin used is not as strong as your all-natural tooth enamel, it is more likely to discolor, chip or break compared to organic teeth. Bonding typically lasts 3 to 5 years before requirement of maintenance and repair.

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