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Children’s Dentistry

We have treated many children at our surgery over the years, and our dental office has always made their visit a pleasant one. Our young patients are greeted with a fun and stress-free environment.

Our number one priority is to make sure that the child adopts good dental habits from an early stage. This will ensure they ensure excellent dental hygiene throughout their lifetime.

We suggest that children are introduced to the dentist from as early as three years old. Regular visits will instill healthy practices in the children through their teenage years and into adulthood. Introducing a child early on can also help with any fears they may have.

Early detection of any potential tooth issues is also ideal from a health standpoint. Catching and preventing problems early on will enable us to make informed and proactive decisions, especially if we have a record of the child’s health over time.

When children develop into their late teens, some changes to oral health can cause apprehension or anxiety. With regular checkups at the dentist, any of these potential issues can be dealt with early on.

Recommendations ahead of a child’s first visit

  • Take your child for a virtual ‘office tour’
  • Tell your child about positive dentist checkups you’ve had
  • Introduce your child to the dentist using materials such as books and the Internet.

During your child’s first dentist visit, the dentist will: 

  • Check for any negative habits such as thumb sucking
  • Check your child’s teeth, mouth and gums
  • Check to see if they need Fluoride
  • Show your child how to properly clean their teeth and gums
  • Talk about a regular dental checkup schedule.

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