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Crowns and Bridges


Dental crowns are used to enhance the appearance or strengthen the tooth. The crown is put over the top of a tooth and is secured in place with dental cement. First, an impression is taken in order to fabricate an exact fitting crown.

The majority of crowns are made from porcelain or gold, and sometimes, a combination of metal alloy and porcelain.

Porcelain is often more aesthetically pleasing and creates a natural look. In comparison, gold is generally used on the rear teeth. Porcelain is easier to use, however, as it requires less of the tooth to be removed before application.

Crowns are placed where teeth are broken or worn down. They can also be used to cover a dental bridge, dental implants, or a tooth with a big filling.


A bridge is used to replace a missing tooth. It works by attaching permanently to the neighbouring teeth or dental implants. As an alternative to dentures or dental implants, bridges are great because the teeth on either side of a missing tooth can potentially move and sometimes lead to gum disease. Most bridges are made out of porcelain or gold.

The pros of dental bridges:

  • Last a very long time
  • Prevent erosion and moving
  • Allow you to chew properly
  • Maintain the face shape
  • Restores the smile
  • Aesthetically pleasing.

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