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If someone has lost teeth due to an accident, ageing, or an illness, they can often feel negative effects on their ability to chew and their self-esteem.

Your dentist can help bring back the beautiful smile you once had by installing full or partial dentures. The treatment plan can be worked out to suit you both aesthetically and financially.

With advantages such as improved speech, an improved aesthetic appearance and improved oral health, there are many benefits to full and partial dentures. The tooth part of the denture is made out of ceramic, or ceramic style material, which means they are durable and strong. With an acrylic base, the denture fits well over the gums.

Denture treatment process

Your dentist will begin by taking an impression of your teeth and jaws and will match your new dentures to the shape and colour of your teeth. For those patients transitioning to dentures, temporary dentures will be provided while the new ones are being made, a process that takes around three months.

Those patients receiving partial dentures will have replacement teeth bonded to a gum-like base. This is then attached to a metal frame which is held in place by the natural teeth on each side of the space.

Flexible partials

Offering an alternative to the traditional metal-based dentures, flexible partials offer a better, more natural fit and look. They use better materials and have better designs. Flexible partial dentures take less time to make than traditional dentures, and they are stronger due to the nylon resin material used.

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