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Some of the most common reasons for tooth removal (dental extractions) include badly fractured teeth, removal of wisdom teeth, or allowing for orthodontic treatments.

Extractions can be performed non-surgically or surgically, depending on the tooth’s condition. A surgical extraction is usually performed when a tooth isn’t easily accessible or because it hasn’t fully broken. There could still be part of the tooth below the gum line, for example. A cut is made to access the tooth, and it is then broken into pieces and removed.

Extractions using a non-surgical procedure require dental forceps and an elevator to carefully remove the tooth. For pain relief, anesthesia may be administered.

Post-extraction healing process

Bleeding of the gums during the first hour is very common and completely normal following a tooth extraction. It takes that hour for the blood clot to form and roughly a week for the open wound to heal. After one to two months, soft gum tissue covers over the socket, and the final socket closure of bony remodelling takes around six months or longer.

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