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Nightguards are excellent to protect from grinding and clenching while sleeping. Your dentist can design you a mouthguard that will be comfortable and protect your teeth well.

Standard mouthguards can be uncomfortable for many people, so it is great to have the option of a personalized slimmer Invisalign mouthguard. They are pretty much invisible and can also double as a daytime guard.

There are other scenarios where a mouth guard is a good option, such as patients experiencing TMJ or teeth grinding. The night guard can relieve joint and jaw pain.

Of course, a nightguard will also protect more costly dental work such as crowns, bridges, and implants from teeth grinding. Your teeth will easily last a lifetime with proper care and protection, and your dentist is there to make sure your teeth, mouth health and your cosmetic investment is safeguarded.

A night guard is also a great option to protect dental patients from drifting and shifting of the teeth.

Sports guards are great for protection while playing contact sports like rugby, football or lacrosse. These custom-made guards will protect your teeth and are comfortable, less bulky and will provide better cushion support, so they are more likely to be used.

Snore guards provide a solution to the jaw relaxing due to the soft tissues at the back of the throat vibrating while sleeping. The snore guard ensures the lower jaw stays forward and keeps the airway open, ensuring a more restful night’s sleep.

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