A denture or a comprehensive denture as it is frequently called, is a device that is placed in the mouth, replaces all-natural teeth and also offers support for the cheeks as well as lips.

The majority of dentures are constructed from acrylic as well as could be produced by 2 various means.

  • A standard denture is made after all teeth have been removed and also the tissues (gums) have actually recovered.

  • A prompt denture is produced as well as put promptly after the teeth are drawn out and also the tissues are allowed to recover under the denture

  • An upper denture has acrylic, typically flesh coloured, that covers the taste (roof covering of the mouth).

  • A bottom denture is shaped like a horseshoe to leave room for the tongue.

The teeth are constructed from plastic, porcelain or a combo thereof. Dentures could be produced to match over endodontically treated teeth as well as a complete set of false teeth could be connected to dental implants to enable for a much more secure fit of the appliance.

Dentures over a predictable course of time will certainly wear as well as have to be changed or relined in order to maintain the normal placement of the mandible. The alignment will gradually transform as the bone as well as gum ridges recede or diminish due to the removal of the teeth. Normal dental evaluations are still crucial for the false teeth users so that the dental tissues can be looked at for disease or modification.