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Fillings repair teeth that have been badly damaged by decay. Sometimes, enamel loss can also cause a tooth to become sensitive. A dental filling can revive the tooth and is a necessary process.

A routine dental appointment can quickly find cavities and tooth decay. Once found by your dentist, the decayed material will be removed, the area cleaned, and then the cavity will be filled with porcelain, gold, amalgam, or composite resin. The materials ensure that access to bacteria is prevented and any further tooth decay is avoided.

Sometimes, when a filling isn’t enough to repair a decayed tooth, an implant, dental crown, bridge, or root canal surgery may be necessary. Regular checkups at the dentist will find any issues early on and can help to prevent more costly procedures.

Tooth decay prevention

Preventative measures have improved over the past 65+ years, and dental diseases are much lower today. It is easy to aid the prevention of dental disease if you follow these easy steps:

  • Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Use an interdental cleaner or floss once a day
  • Speak to your dentist about dental sealants
  • Limit drinking and eating in between meals
  • Pick sugar-free, nutritious snacks
  • Regularly visit your dentist
  • Enjoy a balanced diet
  • Speak to your dentist about supplemental fluoride treatments.

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