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Implant Restorations

Implant restorations can be a great permanent solution if you have lost one or more teeth or have dentures. By replacing missing teeth, a patient’s self-esteem can be improved, as can the way they talk and chew. 

It can be difficult for a patient if they have lost their permanent teeth due to ageing, an accident, or a disease; however, you can restore that beautiful smile with implant restorations.


Implant restoration facts:

  • Long-Lasting – can last a lifetime if correctly maintained
  • Durable – implant fuses to the bone, meaning they are the best durable tooth replacement option
  • Healthy solution – they don’t require neighbouring teeth
  • Natural-looking – designed to mimic natural teeth
  • Restore confidence and improve appearance.

Implant restoration process:

  • The dental implant fits where the old root was within the jaw bone
  • It takes around 2-6 months for the implant to fuse to the bone; this becomes the anchor for the implant
  • A new tooth will be designed to replace the old one. When ready, the new tooth is fixed to the implant. This will then allow the patient to speak and chew normally
  • An implant-supported bridge can be made to replace missing teeth, especially when a patient has lost a few teeth.

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