Your Smile “Talks” to People

Aug 27, 2021

Do you know what people notice when they first look at a person? The usual expected answers such as eyes, smell, clothes etc are not correct. It`s your smile. In fact it actually accounts for about 47% of the looks a person receives. Eyes get around 31%, smell 11%, clothes 7% and hair at 4%. But unfortunately very few people take care of their teeth as much as they even care for their face and hair. One tends to neglect it until a cavity or a chip or something else forces them to run to their dentist. A beautiful smile can win many hearts at the same time. 

Our smiles are a very important part of our lives and seeing a Dentist in order to  maintain that smile is imperative. After all the first impression that anyone has of us is due to that smile which lights up our faces. Unfortunately not many of us have that so called genetically perfect smile. And sometimes this can have a big effect on us when undeserving people get ranked higher than us just because they have better smile. It has far reaching psychological effects as well. We believe that everyone needs to reach his/her potential. So we have been helping people achieve the smiles they deserved but could not because of simple genetics.

These days just having a set of teeth in your mouth will not do. People want their teeth and their smiles to look flawless. At Brickyard Dental  with our state of the art equipment and highly trained personnel we have been doing just that. We not only specialize in performing simple procedures like bleaches for stained teeth to braces for crooked teeth but we have years of experience in other complex procedures as well as veneers and cavity works. One can even get a bridging or false teeth implanted to hide gaps in teeth. Brickyard dental specializes in correcting all these kinds of minor defects all of which had been affecting your smile. We help people to realize their potential they deserved and not just be limited with what they got. We will give your well deserved perfectly set, naturally shining, great looking teeth you always wanted but never had.

So what are you waiting for? Visit us today and discover your true SMILE potential!